Baosheng Science&Technology Innovation Co.,Ltd.

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      • About Us
        All customer oriented, all striving for the foundation, all performance oriented.


        Respectful friends;

        Welcome to the official website of Baosheng Science & Technology Innovation Co., Ltd., thank you for your attention and support!

        Baosheng Science & Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. is the only state-owned large-scale holding company in China's wire & cable industry. The total turnover ranks the forefront of the cable listed companies in China, and has been selected as one of “Fortune 500 Companies in China” and the top three of most competitive companies in China's wire & cable industry for many consecutive years. As the leading manufacturer with the largest domestic production scale, the most complete product range, and the most extensive industry coverage, Baosheng always adheres to science and technology innovation as the guide, first-class quality as the backbone, and sincere service as the backing to provides quality products and services for many famous domestic and international projects and large-scale companies, and win the customers’ trust and social’s praise.

        Chairman: Mr. Yang Zeyuan 

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