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              The signing agreement of Baosheng Group and CITIC Bank's bank-enterprise strategic cooperation was successfully held
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              The signing agreement of Baosheng Group and CITIC Bank's bank-enterprise strategic cooperation was successfully held


              On the morning of November 23, Baosheng Group and CITIC Bank Yangzhou Branch held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation between banks and enterprises in Yangzhou. Yang Zeyuan, Chairman of Baosheng Group, Liang Wenxu, Vice President of the Group, Xia Chengjun, Vice President of Baosheng Co., Ltd., Sun Jihua, Assistant President of CITIC Bank Nanjing Branch, and Shen Gaosheng, President of CITIC Bank Yangzhou Branch attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Chen Chenggang, assistant to the president of Yangzhou Branch.


              During the ceremony, President Shen Gaosheng welcomed Chairman Yang Zeyuan and his delegation. He said that CITIC Bank has always had very good cooperation with Baosheng and formed a good strategic partnership. In the future, CITIC Bank will rely on CITIC Group's comprehensive financial platform and various industrial companies to provide a panoramic financing service model for Baosheng. The Group's business development provides three services: “traditional business, comprehensive financing and resource integration”, which promotes the development of strategic partnerships to a deeper and broader field and becomes the best example of cooperation between banks and enterprises.

              Subsequently, Assistant President Sun Jihua of CITIC Bank Nanjing Branch gave a speech, detailed the development history of CITIC Group and CITIC Bank Nanjing Branch and the advantages of CITIC Bank, and said that CITIC Bank will fully utilize the three platforms of “collaborative, inter-bank and overseas” as treasures. Sheng Group provides overseas M&A, international business and debt issuance.


              Yang Zeyuan said that over the years, Baosheng has carried out extensive business cooperation with CITIC Bank and established a long-term and stable partnership. The depth and breadth of the scope of cooperation have been continuously expanded, and the comprehensive credit line has increased year by year, which is the innovative development of Baosheng. Provides strong financial security. In the future cooperation, Baosheng hopes to strengthen cooperation between the two sides in international financial business and financial innovation business, and build a more stable and mutually beneficial comprehensive strategic partnership.


              Finally, Liang Wenxu, vice president of Baosheng Group, and Shen Gaosheng, president of CITIC Bank Yangzhou Branch, signed a contract for strategic cooperation. Chairman Yang Zeyuan of Baosheng Group Co., Ltd. and Assistant to President Sun Jihua of CITIC Bank Nanjing Branch witnessed the signing of the contract.

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