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          Strengthening the Party's Work Style and Building a Clean Government
          发布时间:2018-12-06 阅读153次

          Strengthening the Party's Work Style and Building a Clean Government

          Recently, in order to implement the requirements of the party committee of Baosheng Group on the construction of party style and clean government, further strengthen the party's style of party work and clean government, and enhance the awareness and ability of party members and cadres to prevent and resist corruption, the subsidiaries of Baosheng Group have fully opened the party's work style and clean government. activity.


          At Baosheng Shandong Company, the company carried out the activities of the party for the clean political party with the theme of “Clean will and behavior, and Principle isthe blue sky”. All comrades combined with the core concept of clean culture, from the aspects of party style and clean government construction, integrity and self-discipline, party discipline, comprehensive and strict, etc., emphasizing the key points and measures for building a clean government. At the same time, the participating comrades watched the "Scale" and "Chongyang" of the integrity education film, and sounded the alarm in the hearts of the party members and members in the real life examples.


          The Yangzhou Siling Party Branch combines the implementation plan of the party's style of clean government education, propaganda and clean culture in the second half of 2018, and organizes party members and cadres to watch the micro-movies "Chongyang" and "Chuxin Inn". The cadres of the party members said that they must always insist on honesty and self-discipline as a kind of ideological realm, as a kind of professional ethics, firmly establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, keep a clear head, and alarm sounds.


          Baosheng Fireproof Cable Party Branch organized the All Party Member Conference, and the Propaganda Committee of the Branch Committee led the participants to check the self-examination and self-correction table of the “Basic Party Construction Problems and Risks”, check the existing problems, and identify the relevant responsible persons. Rectify the target and time nodes to ensure that the rectification work is solidly promoted and time-effective; and for possible risks, prompt warning and control should be done in a timely manner.


          The party branch of Baosheng Sichuan Company is a newly established party branch. In order to better promote the building of the party's style and clean government, the group leader Shi Jiandong went to the party building contact point of Baosheng Sichuan Company and launched the party-day activities with the theme of "leading the party with the party to promote enterprise development", focusing on the standards of qualified Communists, "The integrity of the Chinese Communist Party." The Self-discipline Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines"), the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), the requirements for the development of all members of the Party in the new era, had a Party class for the party members of the Party Branch.

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