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      Strictly grasp the grassroots party building, promote the comprehensive management of enterprises
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      Strictly grasp the grassroots party building, promote the comprehensive management of enterprises

      Recently, in order to further implement the requirements of the party committee of Baosheng Group on the construction of party style and clean government, strengthen the building of party style and clean government, and enhance the awareness and ability of party members and cadres to prevent and resist corruption, the subsidiaries of Baosheng Group have fully opened the party's work style and clean governmentactivity.


      In Baosheng Ningxia Company, the party branch secretary led all comrades to watch the anti-corruption micro-films "Scale", "Chongyang", "Chuxin Inn", and stressed that anti-corruption is the principle and bottom line for party members and cadres to perform their duties, all party members Responsible persons of cadres and related departments should be alert to all the time, keep their initial intentions, keep the bottom line, and perform their duties in their respective positions. Party members and cadres at all levels must lead by example, establish a clean and honest atmosphere, and give full play to the pioneering role of party members.


      In the Baosheng signal cable factory, all party members organized a clean education party class activity with the theme of “Clean will and behavior, and Principle is the blue sky”. The branch secretary led all party members to learn the “China Communist Party’s Code of Integrity and Self-discipline”, and then all the party members watched together. Anti-corruption series of micro-films "Scale", "Chongyang" and "Chuxin Inn".


      Branchcable party branch, the discipline inspection committee with the theme of "Clean wind into the branch, purify the mind and promote development", from the "anti-corruption and advocacy of the police bell warning forever, work style improvement, unremitting efforts, diligent work and promote development" three aspects of integrity education Party class activities, and require each party member to learn from the typical, always stay awake, improve the sense of integrity, perform their duties, and keep the Communist Party members true, contributing to the high-quality development and high-efficiency growth of Baosheng branch cable.


      In the party branch of the wire company, the discipline inspection committee from the "strengthening the party's style of party building and clean government, the party building knowledge should be known, the anti-corruption and advocacy of the Baosheng Group system, do something but not in the work, the party members are honest and self-disciplined "In five aspects, shared with the entire party members and employee representatives the understanding of the work of party style and clean government. Comrades attending the meeting said that it is necessary to continuously strengthen theoretical study, and always strictly demand themselves with high standards and high requirements, organically unify the concept of integrity and work, and strive to be qualified party members.


      The party branch of Baosheng Logistics Company held a party group meeting. The leader of the party group led all party members to study the "Regulations on the Work of the Party Branch of the Communist Party of China (Trial)" and systematically interpret the main contents and significance of the "Regulations". Everyone has said that it is necessary to take the study and implementation of the "Regulations" as a serious political task and political responsibility, and firmly establish the concept of "doing a good job in building the party, not taking the party building is a dereliction of duty, and not being able to grasp the party building is incompetent". Strengthen "Four consciousnesses", firm "four self-confidences", give full play to the role of the party's fighting bastion and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members.

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