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                Yu Liang: Star Employees for 6 consecutive years
                发布时间:2011-05-03 阅读692次

                Yu Liang: Star Employees for 6 consecutive years

                "He has been awarded the title of"star employee"for six consecutive years. Now he is an eight-star employee, which is the highest level. The company has more than 3,000 employees and only 10 of them have won this honor. Tang Aihua, manager of Special Cable Business Department, said that the "Eight Stars Elder" was Yu Liang, the production section director of Special Cable Business Department.

                In 1997, Yu Liang was assigned to Baosheng Group Special Cable Business Department after graduating from Harbin Institute of Technology, and began his apprenticeship as a wiring worker. When the master of the morning, afternoon and evening shifts goes to work. He always followed them and usually came back home at one or two in the morning. Others work in the morning or in the evening. Why does Yu Liang work overtime every day? Did he play outside? His mother didn't believe him. Several times in the early morning, my mother stole to the production workshop to see if he was really working overtime. Every time my mother came to the workshop, she saw him following the master and he was very busy.Then his mother solved her suspicions, but she felt a little more distressed in her heart.

                Tang Aihua said that it takes at least half a year to train an excellent shift master, but in only two months, Yu Liang became an excellent shift master. In his pocket of work uniform , there is always a pen and notebook. He kept a record of the problems he encountered, traced the production, found out the reasons, consulted technicians, until he solved the problems he encountered in the production. worker, part-time technicians... Team leader, dispatcher, production section chief, he has many titles. As a skilled technician, he also brought out a group of excellent apprentices. Ni Chunlin and Song Jian have also become excellent shift masters.

                "Chief Yu, you must help me. This is the first contract I signed."  Salesman Xu talked to Yu Liang. As a salesman,Xu just signed the first contract and his boss asked him to deliver the goods within a week. According to the normal production sequence, at least ten days. "Xu, don't worry. I'm sure I can help you." After hearing this, Xu felt like taking a reassuring pill. Everyone knows that as long as it is what Yu Liang promised, it will surely succeed. Every day, he worked overtime wiht other workers until the early morning. He caught a bad cold and went to the hospital then rushed to the workshop immediately. A week later, after he watched the goods loading into the car, he was relieved and said, "It's finally done."

                "Dad, do you still work overtimeafter dinner?"his daughter asked Yu Liang at the table. He paused for a moment and said, "Dad doesn't work overtime today. He's at home with my baby.""Dad lies, how can't you go to work?" The wife on the other side did not insert a word. Family members have been used to his overtime days, if  he did not work overtimeone day, the daughter will keep asking, "Dad, why not work overtime today?" Last year, the leader gave Yu Liang a few days off and asked him to take his family to Shanghai World Expo for a few days. The leader even gave him tickets. "Manager Tang, let other colleagues go. It's the peak period of production. I can't leave now." Yu Liang gave up the chance to travel. His daughter is nine years old. He never takes his family to go traveling. He never asks her about her studies. Her sensible daughter is very good at her grades. At a parents'meeting, the teacher let Yu Liang go to school to teach her parenting experience, but Yu Liang was ashamed to show up, because he did not know what to say, and he did not even turn over his daughter's homework.  Mother is ill in hospital. When she visits her in the hospital at noon, he will lie in bed and fall asleep. The medicine flask was finished and the mother couldn't bear to wake up when she saw her son sleeping soundly, because she knew that her son must be working overtime again.

                Yu Liang confessed that he was not a good father, husband and son.  However, in the eyes of the leaders, he is an excellent employee, the pillar of the special cable business department.The cross-linking Jet Print Tackling Group with him as the deputy leader is appraised as the quality management group and the products have passed the national QC certification. Tang Aihua, the group leader, praised that it would take us longer if it wasn't Yu Liang. In the eyes of his colleagues, he is a totally good person.When they asked him questions, he will explain again and again and taught them hand-in-hand. He won many honors,such as;"Senior Technician", "Yangzhou Model Worker", "Jiangsu Provincial Technician"

                The mobile phone rang again and Yu Liang rushed to the workshop ...(from Baoying Daily)

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