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        BAOSHENG: Rely on talent to write brilliant development
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        BAOSHENG: Rely on talent to write brilliant development

        Talent is the source of motivation for business development. The competition of enterprises is, in the final analysis, the competition of talents. Looking back on the development history of 25 years, Baosheng people fully carry forward the enterprise spirit of "Unity and hard work, and create first-class", and have embarked on a road of success of "hard work, continuous investment, continuous development". Enterprises from scratch, from small to small Large, weak and strong, maintaining a high-quality, efficient and rapid development momentum. This is inseparable from Baosheng’s development tenet of “People-oriented, first creating and re-engineering products”. At Baosheng, there are two production lines: one is the production line for manufacturing talents, and the other is the production line for manufacturing products. Over the years, Baosheng has always emphasized the idea of “product defects can be made up, and the defects of human beings cannot be repaired”. The “personality” is placed at the core and source of all “goods”, strictly following the principle of “the combination of virtue and ability”. The first-class employer standard. Think of the character as the primary factor in selecting employees and promoting cadres. At the same time, with its unique corporate culture, Baosheng creates a good growth environment and career development space for talents, and gradually establishes a scientific human resource management system.
        Establishing the "endogenous" mechanism of talents and cultivating "grassroots" basic talents

        At the beginning of the venture, Baosheng recruited 200 high school students. When they open up the land and build the factory, I am afraid that even the cable is still unclear. However, it is this batch of college entrance examinations that fell to the top of the list, but today it has become an expert in business management and technology research and development. This can not be attributed to Baosheng's unique "endogenous mechanism of grassroots talents." In 1985, Baosheng, which had just started, did not have professional talents in cable, and no university students were willing to come. In the case of urgent need for personnel, Baosheng sent these 200 students to Hubei Hongqi Cable Factory for training in batches. They quickly mastered the basic operational skills; at the same time, Baosheng borrowed more than 20 management and technical talents from many units inside and outside the county. Many of the talents who originally borrowed were rooted in Baosheng because they fell in love with Baosheng. In the mid-1990s, in order to meet the needs of rapid development of the company, Baosheng and Harbin University of Science and Technology jointly launched the Adult Education Branch, selected outstanding talents from the frontline staff for a two-year off-campus study, and implemented the Baosheng Training Center. All staff training, improve the staff's operational skills and comprehensive quality, and trained more than 600 technical and practical "grassroots" talents such as "extrusion master", "cable expert" and "craft expert" with college or above culture.
        Combine “leading, borrowing, and hiring” to build a professional talent team

        In recent years, Baosheng has continuously increased the introduction and training of talents, formulated talent introduction plans that meet the actual needs, and introduced a number of high-quality and compound talents in cable, electrical and other related fields from the talent market every year to carry out reasonable talent reserves. At the same time, Baosheng introduced an incentive policy to encourage in-service personnel to study further, regularly organize scientific and technological management personnel to go abroad for technical inspections and training, and select scientific and technical personnel with practical experience and theoretical basis to go to higher education institutions to pursue postgraduate degrees. A one-time reward for employees who have obtained a diploma or professional title, and a certain degree of academic subsidy per month. Baosheng has also established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with more than 100 research institutes such as Shanghai Cable Research Institute, China Electronics Technology Group No. 23, Tsinghua University and Xi'an Jiaotong University, with the national enterprise technology center and postdoctoral research workstation as the platform. We employ well-known experts at home and abroad to conduct special technical exchanges, and use the intellectual resources of research institutes to conduct joint research on production, learning, and research. Since the establishment of the factory, Baosheng has invited more than 1,000 foreign experts to come to the company for special technical guidance and exchanges. At present, Baosheng has initially built a professional talent team that meets the needs of the company, and has injected a lasting impetus into the development of the company.
        Promote the "horse racing mode" and comprehensively cultivate high-level talents

        Under the guidance of the concept of “speaking diplomas are more level, teaching titles are more competent, and experience is more stressful, and qualifications are more contributable”, Baosheng vigorously promotes the employment mechanism of “openness, fairness, competition, and merit-based”. : Talents who are qualified for their jobs are talents, and innovation and development are excellent talents. Talent is the first resource. Whether it is a doctoral, master's or senior management, or fighting in the production, sales, scientific research, service front line, using their hard-working hands, to play their own ingenuity, not to break the ordinary workers, managers, marketing personnel, general research Workers are also indispensable talents of Baosheng. The company has formed a good atmosphere of respecting people, dedication, fair competition, respecting knowledge and respecting talents. It has gathered a talent team with entrepreneurial innovation, loyalty to Baosheng and dedication to Baosheng. At the same time, it vigorously promotes the project responsibility system. ", actively encourage and select product owners and managers to provoke the burden of project construction, comprehensively responsible for new project market research, feasibility study to equipment ordering, staffing, project commissioning, pre-marketing, etc., so that talents in practice It has grown up in history and work, and has effectively promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Using this model, Baosheng's technical transformation projects such as wind energy cables, fireproof cables, branch cables, and high temperature cables developed in recent years have achieved good operating results. The gradual accumulation of these talent capital and intellectual capital constitutes the core competitiveness of Baosheng. (From "Jiangsu Equipment Manufacturing")

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