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                All customer oriented, all striving for the foundation, all performance oriented.

                Ten years of sales,Performance ranks first
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                Ten years of sales,Performance ranks first

                He created the myth that the personal sales ranking ranked first in more than 10 years, and achieved the miracle of the sales revenue of Shanghai sales companies for the first time in 15 years in the country. He is the Assistant president of Co., Ltd., general manager of Shanghai Sales Company, and the pioneers of Baosheng’s Nuggets in Shanghai ----Xu Zhong.

                At the company's annual general meeting of employees, Baosheng employees can always see such a dramatic scene: the head of the Beijing sales company smiles and delivers a challenge to  Xu Zhong that we should compare our achievements with those of year. Xu Zhong also smiled and accepted Beijing's gauntlet. Although the atmosphere at the venue was relaxed, Xu Zhong did not dare to take it lightly. In order to ensure the strong combat effectiveness of his team, he vigorously implemented various forms of training to improve the quality of the team. While adhering to the traditional lectures, he also held a variety of training activities such as new product knowledge contests in a timely manner. He vigorously advocated the fine tradition of “Inheritance, Help”, and used the way of pairingmasters and apprentices to help the new salespersons grow rapidly and quickly enter the role. He changed the sales system, increased market development, realized sales system innovation, collected project information, established project information management database, implemented project declaration system, reduced business conflicts, and improved the success rate of the project.He set up a key research team for major projects and intensified the development of major projects. He has strict assessment, clear rewards and punishments, penalties for salesmen who are lagging behind the return of goods, unfinished indicators, early return and completion of indicators, which greatly enhances the sense of responsibility of the salesperson's payment, and forms good atmosphere of comparison and learning among the salesmen. the number of salesmen who have sold more than 10 million per year has multiplied.                                  

                Last year, the world-famous World Expo was held in Shanghai, which undoubtedly brought great opportunities to Baosheng's Shanghai sales company. Xu Zhong hold a meetingand said that  many companies are staring atthe big project like the World Expo. We must make overall plans, concentrate the superior forces and fight against the big battles, in order to get a piece of "big cake"like Expo. Therefore, under the coordination of his organization, the independent "guerrilla warfare" became a "big corps battle", the salesman's strength went to one place. At the World Expo, they found countless treasures for the Baosheng. While the salesmen enjoyed the joy of victory, Xu Zhong was not stunned by the staged victory. He clearly realized that despite the good performance of the World Expo project, the Expo has become the "roadblock" for the Shanghai sales company to complete the annual target mission in 2010. He put forward the working ideas of "active attack, outside warfare", and carried out business in the surrounding areas of Shanghai, and made up the loss of "dike" from the "outside the embankment". In a few months, the car ran more than 50,000 kilometers more than usual, and he lost a lot weight. With his joint efforts with all sales staff, the Shanghai sales company completed its full-year goal two months ahead of schedule.

                Under the leadership and construction of Xu Zhong, the Shanghai sales company has become the group's sales champion for 10 times. Every year, 3 to 4 people enter the top ten sales. In recent years, an average party member has been developed every year. The overall combat effectiveness is far ahead of othersales company.And he has also won the honorary title of the county's outstanding salesperson, the city's "May 1st" labor medal, and the Jiangsu provincial labor model. (From "Bao Ying Daily")

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